Preparing For The Wedding

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    The wedding is possibly the most dreamed up and anticipated day in the life of a young girl.  Everything form the cake, flowers and venue are all thought about, planned and choreographed at a young age.  This is why it is important that every detail is looked at, scrutinized and checked before the big day. 

    wedding flowers oswego

    The wedding flowers oswego will typically be the centerpiece of the wedding.  The flowers will add a touch of color, professionalism and romance to the event.  When working with flowers we have flowers on the tables, flowers in guests’ hair, a bouquet for the bride to hold and toss among many other areas. 

    The next thing will be the venue.  The venue that is chosen needs to be perfect.  It has to have enough space for guests, be able to hold the ceremony and the reception as well as be comfortable for everyone.  One of the last things you want to do is have a hot or cold venue.


    Music should be planned from the first song to the last.  You want to have the song for when you walk down the aisle, a song when you walk back off after the ceremony, and a wide variety of music to be played throughout the course of the event.  If your music is bad, loud or out of tune it can cause a lot of issues down the road.


    The guests need to be aware of what to wear for the ceremony.  Many guests may want to come casual or bring a change of clothes for the reception.  Make sure that all of these details are worked out beforehand and that if anything specific needs to be purchased that you give your guests ample time to do so.


    Setup great scenes for photos before the ceremony.  You will want to scout the location before the wedding and mark places where you want to stand and for which photos will be taken.  If you do this then the process of getting the shots will go smoothly and you will be assured that you will have all the possible shots you want.