Novel Thoughts On What Makes A Bestseller

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    The literary school of thought goes something like this. It can be quite an enjoyable and relaxing experience getting through a tome that just absorbs you through and through. But try writing a novel of that size. It is blood, sweat and tears all the way. On more occasions than not it can take a dedicated writer, no matter how gifted he or she may be, years to reach the local bestselling novels port washington ny lists, to say nothing of the pinnacle of any writer’s career, the New York Times lists.

    Or the London Literary times equivalent. Literary purists and academics may, on the other hand, argue that pretty much anyone could write a bestselling novel if they put their hearts and minds into the literary effort. Or is it just pure fiction? And fantasy? They also suggest that writers should be less focused on making as much money as possible and more focused on producing a quality textual work, whether it’s going to be fiction or non-fiction.

    This, however, puts many struggling writers on the spot. Struggling writers are not making much money to start off with. Today, more than ever before, they need to make money. It does not necessarily have to be six-figure checks, although that would be nice, but more than enough to get by and earn a decent living. And this makes sense. Because if the writer is able to enjoy a quality life, he or she should have the energy and motivation to produce good works of literary art, whether fiction or non-fiction.

    But no matter what their aspirations may be, marketing opportunities abound now that they have full and favorable use of the World Wide Web. Enjoy your writing. And your reading.