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    Signs You Have Hard Water

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    Hard water is not the type of water anyone wants in their home. It is water that contains a high mineral content due to calcium and magnesium deposits. Iron may also infiltrate the water, which comes from lakes and rivers. Some hard water may also contain aluminum. If you hear this, you may think that it’s not so bad, since these minerals are good for the body. However, when they’re in water, it can be harmful, since they may bring bacteria with them. Plus, hard water has a plethora of other quirks that no one enjoys. What are the signs that you have hard water and need to use one of the great water softeners livermore in your home water system?

    Funny Tastes/Smells

    Does your water taste funny? When you drink water, you expect a mere taste of freshness. If you notice that the water has a strange taste, it may be due to hard water. If the water smells funny as well, you have a second indicator that hardware is a problem in your home.

    water softeners livermore

    Plumbing Stains

    If you don’t clean the bathroom, kitchen, and elsewhere in the home, it’s going to get dirty. But, some stains in the plumbing system aren’t normal and may appear no matter how well you clean the home. It is such stains that should concern you, since they develop from hard water sediments in the plumbing system.  Brown or reddish stains on the porcelain are big indicators of hard water.

    Soap Scum

    Soap scum is a problem for anyone with hard water. If you find that you bathroom needs to be cleaned more often than anticipated and that soap scum is present more often than not, it’s probably in relation to hard water.

    Water Spots

    Hard water spots appear on glassware, mirrors, and elsewhere in the house. If you notice these spots when you wash dishes or when they come out of the dishwasher, it’s time to call out a professional to learn more about water softeners.